Clockhouse OwnersThe Clock is owned by Mike, Helen, Barbara and Eric. Barbara and Eric are Helen’s parents and had always wanted to run a B&B. In 2002, together with Helen and Mike, who had just finished a 3 year management training programme with Mcmullens of Hertford, they decided to buy a pub with accommodation.

The four visited numerous public houses from Lincolnshire down to Dartmoor but after seeing The Clock, they knew this was where they wanted to be. In the early days, the four ran the pub as a pub with bed and breakfast accommodation but the pub side really took off so they decided to concentrate all their efforts in this direction and so stopped the accommodation. The spare rooms came in handy when Helen and Mike started their own family a few years later and the other rooms were soon taken by live in staff! Daughters Jessica (18) and Charlotte (16) can often be seen helping. Mike’s eldest daughter, Abigail (24), who lives in Essex, can often be seen in the Clock during her school holidays. The Clock is truly a family business!